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Mystery Writer

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Rosewood Place Mysteries

Suburban Witch Mysteries

Hedgewood Sisters Paranormal Mysteries

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Ruby Blaylock is a pen name of author JB Woods, who grew up in a small, southern town surrounded by lots of colorful characters and especially strong women. Her southern roots are on display in her cozy mysteries, and so is her love of quirky characters.


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Carly Keene Cozy Mysteries

Life in a small town can be murder...
Meet Carly Keene. She's a professional photographer, part-time bakery employee, and a small town girl who loves everything about her hometown, until she discovers that there's a murderer on the loose.

Carly Keene doesn't go looking for dead bodies, but they just sort of turn up anyway...

Merry Christmas from Parker's Mill, where the treats are Sweet, the people are friendly, and the holidays are MURDER.

When local police hero and all-around good guy Brandon Sparks wakes up next to the body of a dead woman and with a blank space in his memory, he turns to his super sleuth cousin, Carly Keene, to help him figure out who really killed her.

Rosewood Place Mysteries

An old house. A new start. A secret that could kill her...

When Annie Richards finds a dead man floating in her pond, she knows it could be the kiss of death for her brand new business. After all, who’s going to stay at a B&B where finding dead bodies seems to be an everyday happening?

When a bitter argument between Annie and her reclusive neighbor ends in his mysterious death, she can’t be sure if her troubles are over or just beginning.

When Bessie Purdy enters the County Fair's 'Perfect Pie' contest, she's sure that she'll win. But when the bank manager judging the contest drops dead after the competition, it soon becomes clear that something sinister is afoot.

A roadside abandoned infant...and a family's dark secrets revealed...

Weddings are wonderful occasions...unless the guests start dropping dead.

Suburban Witch Mysteries

Meet the witches of Country Acres Coven, Kensleigh Landing East, where the suburbs and the supernatural just happen to overlap.

There's something rotten in the town of Kensleigh Landing East...

Love is in the air…erm, water…in this short, lighthearted Suburban Witch story!

Love is in the air, but so is murder…

It’s a dog-gone mystery what’s happened to Seneca’s beloved pooch, Alistair…

Four feisty witches match wits with an odd and mysterious wizard to solve a series of challenges inside a magical book. Will they survive to find their way back home, or will they become the next victims of the magical book?

Hedgewood Sisters Paranormal Mysteries

Being a witch is a lot harder than it looks.

Who can you trust when you don't know who you are?

Small-town witch Ree Hedgewood loses her cool in the middle of Wharvell’s Grocery Store and gives her ex-boyfriend a little piece of her mind. Unfortunately, when he drops dead hours later, her threats are taken seriously and she becomes the number one suspect in his suspicious death.

Evil has come to Frog Hollow. Can Twyla stop it before she loses the man she loves?

Brit of Trouble Mysteries

A fresh start in a new country is all that Addie wanted, but finding a dead body on her first day in a foreign land may change everything.

What's more quintessentially British than sand, sea, and murder? Addie Porter is about to find out that getting away from it all doesn't mean she can escape death.